US State Department uses RPA

US State Department uses RPA for financial reports 🗃️ 🖥️

The U.S. State Department has reduced the processing time for monthly financial reports by using robotic process automation (RPA) from 2 months to just … 2 days! 🤯 🤖

CIO Kelly Fletcher, in an interview with ITModTalks, stressed that the agency is using artificial intelligence, especially in back-office areas, to improve operational efficiency ⏰.

RPA has also been implemented in the area of organizing repatriation flights related to COVID-19. This has been successful:
1️⃣ reduce the number of staff required for repatriation
2️⃣ expedite repatriation for diplomats abroad.

The U.S. State Department is focused on providing the highest quality data to diplomats, a key component of their diplomatic mission. A data-centered culture and the piloting and scaling of artificial intelligence applications, as well as machine learning, are the main goals of the agency’s three-year strategy.

Last April, Dominic Cussatt, then-director of IT at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, mentioned that streaming data through new cloud-based programs could be a breakthrough for providing diplomats with access to the highest quality data ☁️ 📊.

This is an interesting example of how government institutions are using modern technologies such as RPA and artificial intelligence to improve their operations and reduce processing time for critical information.

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Author: Monika Serafin, Service Delivery Manager