Intelligent automation implementations

Examples of intelligent automation implementations at top companies💡

Intelligent process automation (IPA) is now being used by more and more companies because of its ability to speed up and automate processes, increase accuracy and process data capabilities 24 hours a day. 🤖

1️⃣ A foreign payments company is using IPA to streamline data extraction and input from multiple sources, including customer service communications, emails, reports and corporate applications. Its goal is to update critical aspects such as customer data, purchases, shipments, inventory and delivery information. The company has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the document analysis process. 📄

2️⃣ One example of the use of IPA is the testing of ad formats in the music streaming service’s application. Previously, employees had to manually test each ad to ensure that the audio and graphics met each ad’s specifications, but they were able to automate this process using IPA, which ensures that the audio and graphics are appropriate for each ad. 🎧

3️⃣ Marketing agency used IPA to automate and optimize various aspects of its customer service process. CEO of the company said IPA is a powerful customer service tool that can create value for both customers and companies. But there will always be a need to combine IPA with human expertise, creating a hybrid model that leverages the strengths of both solutions. 👥

4️⃣ One of the world’s largest investment management organizations has automated solutions such as intelligent document processing. This combines artificial intelligence and automation to quickly and accurately extract data from business documents. As a result, the company was able to modernize its core systems to unify processes, data and customer experience. 📊

Smart automation is the future of work. 🤖

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