WALSTEAD – Generating Bank Payments


As a pilot process of automation, a client chose the handling of financial packages. Taking into account the complexity of this process, the client hoped to gain major labour savings by implementation of robotisation. Preparation of financial packages required sign off by employees in various functions at different times of the process and an extensive amount of data had to be verified.


Automation is focused on the preparation of payment files before sending them to the bank.
  • The Robot receives orders in an inbox and validates their correctness.
  • After logging into the JD Edwards system, the Robot generates payment packages and starts processing them. The robot uses different tools at each stage of processing.
  • The Robot uses an external OCR system to verify invoices, it logs into the White List website of the Polish Ministry of Finance, and uses Excel files to generate detailed final reports.
  • The results of the automation are verified, approved and verified files that the customer’s user can send to the bank.

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